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Maintenance Free Exterior | Senior WellnessHave you given any thought yet to how difficult it can be to maintain the exterior of your home? If not, you should! You can enjoy your home for as long as you can! Senior Wellness is here to help you find the solutions you need to stay in your home and get the full functionality of it without the challenges of exterior maintenance. Some options include:

  • Main floor at ground level, ideally with no steps or ramps needed to enter

  • Level walkways with little or no slope — any slope should be gradual

  • Trees, shrubs, and plants that require little maintenance, such as raking, pruning, watering, or mowing

  • Garden planters at convenient heights, and raised beds for flowers and vegetables

  • South-facing walkways (and ramps, if any) to encourage snow melt



Maintenance Free Landscaping | Senior WellnessComing and going: there are options for the entrance of your home, many attractive solutions for the entryway! Some of them include:

  • Porch floor, stoop, or landing at the same level as the floor inside the home to remove the need for steps

  • Door locks that are easy to operate, such as keyless locks with a remote control or keypad

  • Lever-style door handles rather than round knobs

  • Peepholes at varying heights or sidelight windows beside the door

  • No raised threshold

  • Plenty of landing space both inside and outside the entry door

  • Good lighting both inside and outside the entrance

  • Handy shelf outside the door to set down items while you open the door

These are just some of the options that the knowledgeable folks at Senior Wellness can present to you. Many of these can be added immediately at very little cost. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you make your home the home you need!

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Maintenance Free Exterior | Senior WellnessMaintenance Free Exterior | Senior Wellness